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Eddie's Story

Eddie had the double full arch dental implant treatment at New Life Teeth in Belfast.

It's like the teeth I had in my 20s but better!

After a FREE detailed consultation with Dr. Lutton in Belfast, I was impressed by the level of options presented to me. Firstly, they suggested the best solution to help fix both my teeth and gums, showed me key options which would suit my mouth, my jawline and to give me a more natural looking result. I was given information on their maintenance plans and flexible payment options (brilliant). 

I'm not an old person but having an active corporate career, I wanted this to be perfect, a natural transition and one that will last me a lifetime. A procedure with little or no hassle, since I couldn't afford any time off work. In the end I chose the 'Full Arch' Implant treatment. 

With over 100+ 5-star reviews in the last 12 months, our service is second to none. Make a positive change in your life, eat and smile again. Contact us to book a free consultation.



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Always on hand, always assisting, follow ups were very friendly and everyone was extremely professional

Having ongoing teeth and gum issues for the last 8 years, I was trying to fix the unfixable and paying various dentist to maintain my crooked, weak and decaying teeth and a poor gum line. My research on permanent treatments lead me to look overseas (to save cost), across the water and reading various treatment blogs and reviews I came across New Life Teeth in Belfast. My main objectives were to fix my teeth (my smile), improve health of my gums and most importantly find an expert who I can visit frequently if things went wrong. Yeah one must think of all the 'risks' and those 'what if's'... 

Well, the proof is in the pudding! I am not only delighted with my results, the FULL ARCH Treatment have turned out perfect, it's like the teeth I had in my 20s but better, my lifestyle has totally improved. I'm more confident, now I can eat all the foods including a chewy steak and bite into a crusty bread. 

I must mention Dr. Lutton's team here - always on hand, always assisting, follow ups were very friendly and everyone was extremely professional. Sarah, Clare, David, Natasha, Kylie and Charlene guys made my journey very comfortable, your support and kindness added to my overall positive experience at New Life. Thank you all and it's now onwards and upwards for me!

My gums are healthy and in best shape ever. Check my photo :) yes I'm all smiles. The process does require a bit of patience but being looked after by New Life's extensive team made the journey so much easier. Each stage and procedure is well explained. New Life Teeth is using a state-of-the-art implant technology which I couldn't find when I visited clinics in London, Dublin or Budapest. 

Eddie Mumtaz, Belfast

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