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Stephen's Story

We followed one of our patients, Stephen, through the full arch dental implant procedure. Here is his story.


Full arch dental implants can permanently replace an entire arch of teeth - either upper or lower. The main procedure takes only one day.

At New Life Teeth we recommend the zirconia full arch implant bridge - the same one Stephen has- which is bio-compatible, looks like real teeth and lasts up to a lifetime. This solution delivers bright, natural-looking teeth.

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Stephen, a self-employed builder, is a typical patient for full arch dental implants. He'd lost a lot of teeth years ago and was struggling with a part-denture.

He was keen to find out if there was a permanent solution to his dental problems. His hope for the treatment was that it would help him regain his confidence to smile and allow him eat his favourite foods again.

The Results

Stephen underwent a typical full arch dental implant treatment. 

The procedure and recovery went smoothly according to plan. With his new set of zirconia fixed teeth, Stephen's confidence has soared. He feels a lot more outgoing, is confident with his speech and loves his new teeth.

My friends and family have commented on how nice my smile is now that I'm smiling more. A lot of folk haven't noticed actually because [the teeth] are that natural.

Stephen McInnes, Edinburgh

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